Josh Pecastaing

Josh Pecasting

Joshua Pecasting started his martial arts journey 20 years ago by studying and training in Zen Do Kai Karate under Sensei Frank Barca. He was awarded with a Shodan Ho rank (black belt) and then chose to continue his martial arts journey in Koryu-Uchinadi Kempo Jutsu where he was awarded with a 2nd degree black belt, during this time Josh also conducted extensive training in Maui Thai kickboxing.

In 2006 Josh began his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu training with a direct affiliation to Master Eddie Bravo. Since then Josh has travelled 6 times to train at 10th planet Headquarters under the instruction of Master Eddie Bravo.

Josh Pecasting with Eddie BravoHe was awarded his Blue belt on his second visit to Legends Gym in L.A and in May of 2011, his Purple Belt by Scott Epstein, one of Eddie Bravos black belts and his brown belt by Eddie on Eddie's Melbourne Seminar in 2015.

Josh's other qualifications include:

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Qualified personal trainer
  • Wrestling
  • Striking
  • MMA instructor

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