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In the Fundamentals class you will learn all of the basics and Warm Up Series (A-H) that form the 10th Planet JJ System. The class is one hour in duration and covers an active warm up followed by break down instruction of the warm up series for the day. You will be paired up with a buddy to practice and drill the warm ups. This class is attended by all beginners and is where you start in your training journey.

Advanced Jiu Jitsu

The Advanced Jiu Jitsu Class is 2 hours in length (Comp Night the only exception) starting with an active warm up followed up a demonstration and breakdown of the Warm Up Series for the day. This class is much faster paced than Fundamentals. Once the Warm Up Series for the day is complete, the instructor will go through a technique of choice which will be broken down and then you will have the opportunity to practice and rep! Live drilling and rolling (roughly 40-50 minutes) follows.
*All new students must go through the Beginners program until you are ready for the Advanced program.

Jiu Jitsu All Levels

The All Levels Class is designed for all jiu jitsu students. An active warm up focusing on functional movement is covered followed by break down instruction of a technique or series of technique. You will have the opportunity to practice and rep with your buddy and then roll.
*Rolling permitted at the instructor’s discretion.

Kids Self Defence

A 45 minute program designed for 6 - 11 year olds to boost their self confidence and esteem through structured martial arts training. Covering a range of self defence techniques from striking to ground grappling, with life skills, this class is a great way to support your child through those important years of growth and development.

Teen’s Jiu Jitsu

An introduction to jiu jitsu and ground grappling designed to empower your teenager, giving them confidence and support them in an understanding of themselves through those crucial teenage years of development. With an element of life skills combined with their training, this is a great way for any teenager to progress into martial arts training and equip them for life.

Comp Night

If you are looking for your ‘hard’ rolls … this is the night for you! Advanced Comp Night features a quick run through of the warm ups (kept to 3 minutes) to get you moving and your heart rate up. From there, live drilling and rolling ‘comp style’ is next. Build your cardio and competition fitness here.
*Advanced and approved students only.

Open Mat Rolling

Our Friday favorite … Open Mat Rolling! Come in from 6:30pm for a friendly roll and a great way to round out your week. No instruction takes place during this class, this is an opportunity for you to come in and roll.
*Advanced and approved students only.

Strength & Conditioning

Not for the faint hearted! This class will get you in ‘fighting’ shape for jiu jitsu and life. A one hour class involving a mix of bodyweight, kettlebell and high rep exercises, you will burning for hours after.


A one hour class focusing on a combination of upper and lower body striking technique, takedowns and building ‘fight cardio’. This class is great if you are looking to sharpen your reflexes, develop your stand up fitness and confidence.
*Hand wraps & MMA / boxing gloves are recommended for this class. Sparring permitted at the instructor’s discretion.


This class focuses on your stand up and take down technique to assist your jiu jitsu. Starting with an explosive warm up, work on simple and effective take-downs with your buddy followed by some ‘live’ wrestling rounds!
*Wrestling shoes are recommended for this class.

Cardio Boxing

An hour class designed to make you sweat! This class features a thorough warm up followed up boxing style drills to give you a great overall body workout. Tone your whole body while working on functional movement and strength.
*14 - 16oz boxing gloves are recommended for this class.


This class features an intense warm up to get your blood moving before you are put through your paces, mentally and physically challenged with drills that will improve your fitness as well as coordination and reaction time.
*14 - 16oz boxing gloves are recommended for this class. Sparring permitted at the instructor’s discretion.

Muay Thai / Kickboxing

A fast one hour class where you will experience the amazing full body workout that kickboxing can give you. Covering a range of drills and technique, this class will set your body and mind on fire!
*Hand wraps & MMA / boxing gloves are recommended for this class. Sparring permitted at the instructor’s discretion.

Stretch & Mobility

This one hour class covers a range of mobility and flexibility training to support your jiu jitsu and recovery. Covering a range of active and passive stretches with basic mobility drills, this class will help your body function at its best level.

Core Conditioning

Designed to set your core on fire! This one hour class targets your entire core with functional strength exercises hitting your upper, middle, and lower abdominal muscles as well as your obliques and those smaller supporting muscles we sometimes forget about. A great way to start your morning and support your body by getting your core strong.

Rubber Guard Class

Open to all students, this class covers Rubber Guard basics and fundamentals as well as attacking and defensive options available in this position.

Leg Lock Class

This class focuses on leg locks and open to all students, attacking and defensive options as well as safe and correct direction if you do find yourself ‘caught’ in a leg lock.

Josh Teaching

All new student tryouts are welcome to 3 Free classes.

Casual / Drop ins are also welcome and available. Please enquire for these.